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6 Alternative Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

man giving gifts to woman
A New Wife On Valentine’s Day, are you worried that what’s in the box may not be so out of the box?

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day can get pretty predictable. Year in and year out, the same images, clichèd marketing campaigns, and played out ideas have been spoon-fed to us in the days leading up to the 14th of February.

You can certainly argue that classics are classics for a reason. What woman wouldn’t swoon at the sight of a dozen perfectly trimmed roses? Or whose heart wouldn’t beat at double pace when given a pair of diamond encrusted earrings?

But like many men who think outside the box, you don’t want to be ordinary. This is especially applicable if you are dating a foreign woman, who may or may not have a different taste from the society you’re used to. But you could say that unless she has been literally living under a rock till she agreed to date you, she has probably had her fair share of Valentine’s letters, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and fresh cut flowers no matter where she grew up.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a different way to express your love on All-Hearts Day, your thoughtfulness will always be appreciated. So to help you on your conquest for less traditional Valentine’s gifts, here are a few of the most clichèd gift ideas and our alternative suggestions:

1. Chocolates? Try fruits instead.

Normally, giving your woman a box of her favorite chocolates would be considered a homerun every day of the week. If you choose to spend a bit more cash, you could get her those more expensive gourmet chocolates, and that would really get her excited.

But nowadays, many women are becoming more uncompromising with their dietary choices. If she takes it the wrong way, a box of chocolates could be received with a hefty “Are you trying to make me fat?!” kind of response.

So instead, try an assortment of the finest and healthiest fruits you can get. If she is from a foreign country, you could try to get her favorite native fruits. Also, packaging is key. Don’t just dump them into a paper bag. Make sure they are neatly cut and arranged.

2. Flowers? Try a potted plant.

Normally, suggesting that there is an alternative to giving flowers to a woman would be considered blasphemy. However, there are a few downsides to giving flowers. Firstly, they don’t last very long. The most exorbitant of flower arrangements don’t last for more than a few days, so as an investment, they aren’t very good. Secondly, they can be extremely overpriced on Valentine’s. You could be paying hundreds of dollars for something that could be growing naturally in your backyard. So if you aren’t keen on digging deep into your wallet, then consider an actual potted plant.

Potted plants, whether they be herbs, ferns, or simply indoor plants, don’t just add life and color to your girlfriend’s place, but they could also offer additional benefits, like being natural insect repellents and smelling good. And they last a while too. So every morning when she waters them, she thinks of you. Now that’s a great deal of value for your money.

man surprising woman with flowers
A New Wife When it comes to All-Hearts Day gift ideas, are there any surprises left?

3. Jewelry? Try an investment portfolio.

Jewelry used to be, and still is, a viable store of value. That, and it makes your woman look stunning. But if being practical is your mantra, then get her an investment portfolio.

You will be spending north of a couple thousand dollars on a fancy diamond ring or necklace. You could put that money into blue chip stocks, a mutual fund, a small patch of land, or any well-researched investment opportunity - all in her name, of course. This may seem like an extremely unromantic Valentine’s gift. But if it turns out well, she could be thanking you for many years to come.

4. Restaurant date? Try a hike in the woods.

The trouble with going out on a fancy restaurant dinner on Valentine’s Day is the simple fact that it’s what everyone else is planning to do. And if you haven’t gotten your reservation several weeks ahead (months if you’re talking about a popular Michelin star restaurant), then you may have to settle for a romantic dinner at a local McDonald’s.

Another alternative would be to cook dinner at your home, whilst having set up your table with candles and all. But do it wrong, and you’re simply showing evidence that you haven’t been preparing much at all.

An out of the box idea would be to spend the day in the great outdoors. It not only requires adequate preparation, but it’s also a great way to make sure that you two have the utmost privacy for yourselves. If you are able to secure yourselves a cabin, all the better. What’s important is that you are more than likely to create long lasting memories from your escapades than at a soulless diner.

5. A handwritten letter?

No substitutes for this timeless classic. Move along.

6. Gift vouchers? Try a personal coupon.

When you choose a gift voucher, you have to be very careful about what it could possibly mean to your girlfriend. A spa service could be nice, while a $5 Amazon gift voucher could mean you may never see her again. Then again, walking down that section of Walmart looking for gift ideas for her isn’t exactly what Doctor Love would recommend.

What could send a better message are personalized coupons. They could be composed of a host of services she could call you up for, like a fix-my-car coupon, a foot massage coupon, or a home cooked dinner coupon. You decide what you want to put on those coupons based on what possible services you could give to your girlfriend. Mind you, there is no limit to creativity, so let your imagination run. But make sure it’s all in good taste.

There’s no substitute for you.

No matter how creative you want to be for your woman this February 14th, always know that YOU are what she wants most of all. In a romantic relationship, there is no substitute for your time, attention, care, service, and love.

Showering your significant other with the fanciest of gifts is only one way to show your appreciation for her. And whether or not the day becomes memorable, or falls into the bag of Valentine’s-gone-by, remember why you celebrate it in the first place - love through all things.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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