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Celebrating New Years Eve with Foreign Women

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A New Wife Celebrate New Years overseas by planning ahead.

The holiday season is a season that people generally like to spend with their families. But at the tail end of that holiday season, you can start to play a little fast and loose when it comes to those rules and you may find yourself spending New Years Eve overseas.

Sure, you could spend it with your relatives at some New Years Eve party, the people to whom you’re bonded by blood. Of course, you might be spending it overseas with a person that you’d like to make your family. You may not know the best way to celebrate overseas and some of the customs that you encounter might be a little foreign to you.

New Years Eve with Asian women, depending on which country in Asia they’re from, can involve a lot of food and a lot of fireworks.

But the logistics of spending the day before a whole new year in a foreign country can be pretty different. Between traveling to see your family and then traveling some more to go overseas, it can be a little much. It can get a little hectic and a little stressful.

Have someone waiting for you on the other side

Part of celebrating New Year’s Eve with foreign women is, you know, the foreign woman. Or just a singular foreign woman. Whatever floats your boat. But not a lot of guys can just get off a plane and suddenly start attracting the attention of beautiful women. Only a special kind of guy can do that.

So go online and lay down the foundation so that you’re not all by your lonesome when you get off of the plane.

Figure out the time zones

Alright, so one of the first things that you need to do is to figure out your time zones. If you want to spend your New Year’s Eve in a foreign country, then you need to time your travel so that you arrive well before the clock strikes twelve to usher in a brand new set of days to live through.

It’s not ideal for you to get on a flight and end up arriving at six in the morning on the 1st of January. That’s a little bit too late to be celebrating New Year’s Eve. So you should figure out the time differences between where you are and where you’re going and fit that into your travel plans.

Champagne flutes being filled.
A New Wife New Years Eve with foreign women can mean a lot of partying, maybe more than you’re used to.

The great thing is that airlines will often let you know what time you’ll be landing in your country. If they don’t, your phone more than likely comes with a world clock feature so you can calculate for yourself what time you’ll be landing.

Book your flight early

There’s a lot of flying going on during the holiday season. Between people flying back to and away from their hometowns, a lot of flights can find themselves getting really, really packed. You may not be able to book a plane ticket if you don’t book it pretty early. Or if you do find a ticket, it might be more than you’re comfortable paying.

Even if you do pay for the ticket, the flight may be overbooked and you may be asked to give up your seat in exchange for a voucher, which isn’t the best of consolation prizes under normal circumstances and traveling overseas to spend it with a foreign woman does not qualify as normal circumstances. So book your ticket early and make sure that you’ve got your travel plans squared away.

Learn some local customs

Okay, so your New Year’s Eve may consist of going to a party, waiting for the clock to strike twelve, and then kissing a special someone because the kiss is supposed to be an omen of your love life for the coming year.

Then you may spend the next day nursing a bit of a hangover because the champagne was flowing pretty freely the night before.

But other countries have different customs for both New Year’s Eve and the day after. For example, if you’re spending New Years Eve in Colombia, you may find yourself needing to eat 12 grapes and then make a wish on each grape as you eat them.

Figure out your accommodations/itinerary

Basically, figure where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and what you’re going to do once you get there. But what you also need to figure out is where you’re staying. A lot of foreign countries, particularly in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, are a little on the conservative side when it comes to their daughter’s boyfriend sleeping over in that they don’t generally allow it.

Fireworks going off.
A New Wife Get your ears ready for all the fireworks spending New Years Eve with Asian women will bring.

So make sure to talk it over with your partner as to where you’re staying so they can get a guest room ready for you or you can book a hotel nearby. You don’t want to be presumptuous because remember that a lot of foreign countries love lighting up the sky with fireworks and they may light a few a little too close to you. So make sure you’ve got your accommodations squared away.

Alternatively, you and your foreign lady could always book a trip away together. There are a lot of holiday cruises that’ll be more than happy to take you away from a December chill and to put you in a position to ring in the New Year out on the open sea.

If you’re not in the mood for a cruise, then maybe try a stay at a resort or something. You get the pampering without being in tight quarters with hundreds of other people for days on end. Plus, if you want to be near saltwater for the first minute of the new year, you can go to a seaside resort.

Celebrating a new year means commemorating a clean slate. New Year’s Eve is the prelude to that clean slate, one last hurrah before everything resets and you get a fresh start. Fresh starts are one of those things that people love. Like how just because you spent one year alone doesn’t mean the next one has to go the same way.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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