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How to Find Love: 11 Early Signs that You’ve Found the One

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A New WifeMake your quest to find love a breeze by knowing exactly when you’ve found the one.

LOVE — a four-letter word that most of us find difficult to define and, sometimes, comprehend. It makes us do certain things that we never would’ve thought we would do. It brings out the best in us, but can also bring out the worst. It can be both a dream and a nightmare.

Love is indeed a beautiful irony. But amidst all the underlying risks, we just can’t help ourselves but fall in love over and over and over again. We can’t blame you though, because there’s nothing else in this world that can bring such euphoric and blissful sensation as the feeling of loving and being loved in return.

As such, more and more men nowadays are going to greater lengths just to be able to meet girls whom they can potentially marry. As a result, international dating has become a more popular alternative to those who continue to struggle finding a life mate within their own borders.

But where a lot of guys go wrong with love is when they get overzealous with their pursuit. The moment they get butterflies in their stomach, or when the woman their dating simply fits the mold of their ideal girl, they’d call it love right there and then.

So before you jump the gun, here are 11 early telling signs that you are indeed in love and not just infatuated:

  • She’s your go-to person

    Whether you’re having your worst day or your greatest day ever, she’s the one you’re looking forward to going to, to talk about it first.

  • You strive to be better for her

    It’s tough breaking old habits but for her you’re willing to change for the better.

  • You consider her your biggest fan

    When she appreciates everything you do and cheers on you from the sidelines while you’re doing your thing, that’s when you know you’ve found a woman worth keeping.

  • You are yourself around her

    You feel comfortable being your most authentic self around her because you don’t fear you’ll be judged for just being you.

  • Staying in together doesn’t seem to be so boring anymore

    You’d rather stay in with her and do nothing than hang out with your friends (although the occasional boys night out shouldn’t be completely neglected either).

  • You want to show her off

    You don’t mind the judgemental stares you get from people because you feel a sense of pride calling her your girl.

  • You feel at ease with her

    You don’t feel any kind of anxiety that anything can go south at any given time. You just feel like nothing can ever go wrong with her around.

  • You don’t find anything about her annoying at all

    Everything she does is beautiful in your eyes. Even the things that used to annoy you before suddenly became cute when she’s the one doing it.

  • You don’t mind making sacrifices for her

    You always put her needs over yours that you are willing to make the necessary compromise to make her happy.

  • Things seem easier with her

    The things you used to dread doing before like chores suddenly became a fun activity you can do together.

  • You can’t see your future without her

    You start getting her involved in your plans for the future because you want to build a future with her.

Love is indeed a tricky puzzle to figure out. It’s like a code that you still need to decipher to know what it truly means and what it entails. But despite how tricky and risky love is, it is still a chance worth taking nonetheless.

Knowing exactly when it is love that you feel and not just infatuation will certainly help your odds of finding a true and genuine love. But your quest to find love will never ever come without risks. So just gamble on it and take a leap of fate. In the end, the rewards of pursuing love far outweigh the risks.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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