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Questions EVERY MAN Should Ask Before Marriage

A photo of a man in a suit and a woman in a white dress, both lying on a bed of flowers
A New WifeMen, take note of these questions to ask before marriage. | Photo by Emma Wise on Pexels

Taking a walk down the church aisle can be more troublesome than what many men would expect.

There are almost a hundred things to plan for, various lists to finish, and of course, bills to deal with.

It is not an exaggeration to say that marriage life is truly a huge and scary step to take — a step you must only take if you are one hundred percent sure about your decision, including the woman you will be bringing to the church altar.

What better way to know if you are bound to have a successful marriage in the future than to evaluate your relationship right now?

In this guide, we are listing down some of the most valuable questions to ask before marriage, all of which are for men who hope they don’t end up marrying the wrong person.

These questions may seem tough and awkward, but they are needed as a guarantee of your future. Your soon-to-be wife’s answers to these questions will be very telling and eye opening as well.

Simply make sure that you are always calm, respectful, and collected when you bring these questions up. You wouldn’t want to have false, defensive answers from a cornered woman. So encourage her to be honest and to have conviction in her response to you.

If you are ready to change your life, then read on.

1. “Will we have children? If so, how many?”

Almost after every marriage comes the topic of pregnancy and having plans about children.

There are couples who welcome surprise announcements, while others prefer having them at their preferred time.

For you and your fiance, how do you see the family picture after a year or five? Do you want to savor the time you have together for a while longer with no kids in between?

As she will be the one to carry life inside her body, make sure to respect her decision regarding pregnancy and birth control.

This is a major topic to be addressed in your relationship. You can turn it into a positive one if you talk about it clearly and respectfully.

2. “Will our sex life change after marriage?”

Private bedroom matters are a huge factor in keeping the love connection strong.

You should not shy away from asking this to your soon-to-be wife as she is obviously part of the equation.

There are couples who experience a change in their sex life after they get married. For some, it becomes less frequent because they are now in close proximity with each other so the need to be intimate doesn’t always come up.

However, others encounter the opposite situation.

Find common ground on this crucial issue. And always remember to ask for consent.

3. “How will we handle bills, debts, and savings?”

Money always puts great pressure in a relationship, all the more when you are a married couple and opt to live together.

How will you handle financial matters? Do you plan to divide everything into two? Will her debt be considered yours now as well? Are your life savings going to be independent of each other?

You will need to talk about this and more to be able to trust one another with the future you’ll be sharing together as a couple.

Be open and straightforward about it. Call for professional assistance if you can’t seem to find balance.

Saving money may just be as important as saving your relationship.

A photo of a woman holding a bouquet of red flowers over a man’s shoulders
A New WifeThe following questions to ask before marriage are crucial for your future. | Photo by Soulseeker on Pexels

4. “Do you know how you make me feel loved?”

This is one of the most important questions that will help you know if the woman you’ll be marrying is the right one.

According to the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, there are five different ways for two partners to show and experience each other’s love. They can be through spending quality time, saying words of affirmation, offering acts of service, receiving gifts, or engaging in physical touch.

While saying the words “I love you” is not off the list, your way of accepting and giving love could be the opposite to that of your soon-to-be wife. Not knowing how you both differ in this aspect may lead to bigger misunderstandings in the future.

Take advantage of being aware of each other’s love language and you will surely be able to work things out in your marriage smoothly.

5. “How do you handle stress, anger, and unforeseen circumstances?”

You may be happy and stress-free now, but marriage is of a different league.

There will be a lot of things that will cause you stress at almost every corner, many of which you and your wife may not be ready to handle.

How will she react to it? Does she handle her emotions and frustrations like a responsible adult, or does she become aggressive?

What you are most likely to see in the future is a house full of screaming and fighting if you both don’t know how to solve issues as a team.

This tells a lot about a person’s personality if they cannot think rationally when faced with problems. And you wouldn’t want to marry a woman who doesn’t know how to properly handle important concerns and issues, right?

6. “How important is religion in our marriage?”

If the woman you are going to marry practices religion that’s different from yours, will there be changes needed in the household?

Faith and religious practices are very meaningful for some women that they may even back out of the wedding to stand for what they believe in.

If this situation happens to you and your fiance, it is important to know that there is always a way out of this.

Have an honest and serious discussion about what can be done to accommodate both of your preferences. Start as early as now, because adding kids to the mix can further muddle your relationship.

The best tip is to always be fair, understanding, and respectful.

Popping the Question

Men who are stepping into a new chapter in life called marriage must also acknowledge their concerns. These concerns must be discussed with their future wife.

As you well know, there are many things couples should talk about before marriage. Let these questions be your guide to knowing what your future together may look like.

Keep these tips in mind and you can look forward to a happy married life ahead.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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