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Red Flag WARNING Signs to Look For Dating Foreign Women

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A New WifeWatching out for red flags when on dating sites | Photo by Pratik Gupta. on Unsplash

There are a lot of men dating foreign women. Sometimes, they met in person while one of them was on a vacation. Sometimes, they met these women through dating sites for singles.

A lot of the time, a man dating a foreign woman finds a fairytale ending. But fairytales are often based on folktales and those folktales often take dark twists. Sometimes, those twists are foreshadowed beforehand.

Spotting that foreshadowing can be difficult. Audiences can often miss little hints at a twist ending because they can be subtle. But the red flags that tell you that you’re about to be hit by dating scams shouldn’t be missed or ignored.

Even if you talk to someone you trust offline, scammers could be impersonating them via social media or dating sites. This situation has happened to countless people in the United States. Profiles posing as friends or family will often engage people in attempts to extract personal data.

While the best dating apps have robust safeguards in place to make sure that their users have the right intentions, some bad eggs can slip through the cracks.

Fake Photos on Profiles

Dating websites make it a point to allow their users to upload photos. Sometimes, those users upload photos that aren’t theirs to make their profiles more attractive.

Some use pictures of models or actresses. It’s unlikely that someone famous needs to use free dating websites. Chances are that profiles with their pictures are fake.

If you do come across a profile and the picture is someone famous, scroll past it. Entertaining fake profiles is a waste of time and energy.

What if they’re not using someone famous as their avatar? What if it’s just some model’s catalog? There’s still a few ways to root out falsehoods.

Performing a reverse image search on a picture will lead to similar pictures. If the picture is from a photoshoot, then you’ll be led to the rest of the set.

Encouraging Men to Send Money

Money is motivation for most, if not all scams. A great way to tell if someone is a con artist is if they’re asking for money.

That’s not to say that every request for money is part of a scam. Many women on dating sites come from poverty. Them asking for money is just part and parcel of their survival. So don’t fret when the girl you’re dating asks you for some cash.

One way to tell if someone is legitimately only interested in your bank account is the frequency of their requests. Someone looking to survive is going to ask for money when they need it. Someone who is looking to bilk you out of money will ask again and again.

Often romance scammers will encourage men to send money. This can be in the form of wire transfer, credit card information, or even gift cards. Such scams tend to be more prevalent on social media sites.

These scams can often include a story about wiring money for a plane ticket that will allow you both to meet in person. Never share your financial or personal information with any person you do not have a long term, in person connection with.

If you’re still unsure of someone, then try withholding money. Someone interested in you will still communicate. Someone interested in your finances will move on to someone else.

A lack of impact

Dating profiles are a great way to get to know someone online. But there are plenty of other ways to get to know a person, like their social media presence. Social media is prevalent in the world.

A lack of any kind of social media presence can be telling. If the extent of a person’s online footprint is their dating profile, then that’s a sign that they’re not a real person.

Falling in Love Too Fast

In a romantic comedy, audiences watch a couple fall in love over ninety or so minutes. The movie itself does not take place over ninety minutes, but that’s what the audience experiences.

In many romantic comedies, the couple falls in love over a few weeks or even days.

It’s not impossible to fall in love quickly. But a person who falls in love with you without a face-to-face meeting is suspicious.

Even if she’s not looking to scam you, moving faster than you’re ready to is a red flag in and of itself. Exercise caution when dating foreign women to protect your heart and your funds.

Apprehension Towards Moving Forward

On the other side of the above point, someone whose feelings are too slow to develop is also suspicious. There are two reasons that a person may not want to move forward in the relationship - either they’re happy where they are or they know that their time is limited and they’re milking their partner for all they’re worth.

If you propose meeting her and she says no, then she’s either insecure about her appearance or she’s hiding something. If you press the issue and she refuses to explain why, then it’s time to cut your losses and move on to someone else.

Limited Communication

Many couples in long-distance relationships find that video calls are a lifesaver. Being able to see someone’s face while talking makes for a more intimate connection.

There are a lot of reasons why a foreign woman might decline a video call. Maybe her hardware isn’t capable of it. Maybe her internet connection is unstable. Or maybe it’s because her face doesn’t match her pictures in any way.

Another way that her communication is a red flag is what she shares. If she shares nothing about her life even after a few weeks of dating, then there’s either no life to speak of or she’s not at all that interested in you being part of it.

Lack of Pet Names for Each Other

If the lines of communication are open, then there are other signs to look out for. One red flag is with pet names. It’s not uncommon for couples to use pet names when talking to one another, but they presumably know each other’s real names as well.

If, however, you’re talking to someone online and they don’t use anything other than pet names, then that’s not an encouraging sign. Many con artists or gold diggers often only use pet names because they’re juggling multiple men and don’t want to get anyone mixed up.

There are many red flags to look out for when dating. But the red flags present when dating a foreign woman can be more consequential in some instances. Going to a foreign country and getting scammed means not having immediate access to support.

That’s not to say that dating foreign women isn’t safe. It’s perfectly safe when done right. But a measure of vigilance doesn’t hurt.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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