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Stocking Stuffers To Stock Up On For A Happy Couple

A series of Christmas stockings on a mantle.
A New Wife Make it a romantic holiday by stuffing stockings together.

The lead up to the Christmas season is a pretty hectic one. Stores and other retailers ramp up their holiday sales. You can’t even walk into a mall without being inundated with Christmas decorations and Christmas music. There might even be a Santa impersonator there for kids to interact with. Basically, it’s kind of a lot.

While preparing for the holiday season is the kind of thing that a happy couple does, it might even get pretty hectic in your home. Between putting up decorations, making holiday plans, buying presents, and wrangling family members, there’s a lot to do during the holiday season. So it can get pretty overwhelming.

But there’s one aspect in the preparation that doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There’s one little aspect of holiday preparation that can be pretty easy. And that is the holiday stocking. You know what it is. You hang a stocking on the wall and everyday, there’s something in there for you. It’s not anything extravagant or expensive. Just small items and trinkets.

But coming with stocking stuffers can be pretty difficult. You’ve got to come up with small trinkets every day. You don’t want to just use the same trinkets every single day. No, you want to make every single day unique. So you want to come up with new items every day to stuff into that stocking

But there’s a few items that you can get that are going to go over pretty well with whoever’s stocking it is that you’re stuffing.

Stuffing stockings is something that families do together. Doesn’t matter if that family is just you and that foreign woman you’ve met on one of many free foreign dating sites.

Still a family so you should do family-related things together. Stuffing stockings, and observing traditions in general – that’s the kind of thing that makes for quite the romantic holiday season.


A great stocking stuffer is candy. It can be any kind of candy. It could be a bag of sweets or a bar of chocolate. As long as it’s wrapped up so it doesn’t melt into the fabric of the stocking itself. A sweet treat is an easy and inexpensive way to stuff a stocking. For extra holiday festiveness, maybe try a candy cane or a cookie shaped like some kind of holiday icon, like a Christmas tree or a snowman.

Gift Cards

Do you want to give someone a sweet treat but you don’t know what they’d like to treat themselves to? You could always give them a gift card. You don’t have to get them a big gift card, but you can load a few bucks into it, enough to get themselves a nice cup of coffee, the kind with whipped cream and cinnamon.

Reusable Straws

Another great little present with which to stuff a stocking is a reusable straw. Disposable straws aren’t sustainable and paper straws can break down before you finish your drink. But a reusable straw is more sustainable than the disposable kind and are way less likely to break down than paper straws are.

Plus, between them being inexpensive and coming in a wide variety of colors, you can stuff more than one stocking.

Wool Socks

Just because you’ve hung a sock on the wall doesn’t mean you can’t stuff it with a pair of socks. Don’t just get them regular monochrome socks. It’s the holidays, after all. Get them something with a holiday theme or at least something fun.

Sticker Packs

Many people like to put stickers on their things. Some people put them on their laptops. Some people put them on their reusable water bottles. Other people just stick them in the most random places that you can think of. The point is that people use stickers to adorn a wide variety of things. So a pack of stickers can make for a great stuffer for a stocking.

Flavored Lip Balm/Gloss

Not all women wear lipstick but many of the women that don’t choose to use either gloss or balm. Sometimes, these balms or glosses come in regular flavors. Maybe that woman you’ve decided is your perfect match also uses either gloss or balm instead of lipstick.

But you don’t just have to get her plain balm or gloss. They can sometimes come in flavors such as graham crackers or milk chocolate. Or they might come in a flavor that’s a little more festive, like cinnamon or gingerbread. It’s not just a treat for her but it can also be a treat for both parts of the happy couple if you play your cards right.

A bunch of shopping bags.
A New Wife Find the perfect match for the perfect stocking

A Reusable Spork

Another item that’s practical and affordable is a reusable spork. If a person has to pack their own lunch because they have to go to work, then a spork is a great gift for them. It’s a combination of spoon and fork, so a person can make themselves a bowl of food and eat it without needing to worry about using more than one utensil.

Plus you can get in different colors so you can stuff more than stocking if you’re at the point where there are multiple stockings in your household.

Cute Pens

While people may type everything out nowadays on a keyboard or on their phone screen, there is still room for the humble pen and pens make for great gifts to shove into a Christmas stocking. They shouldn’t be regular pens, though. You should give pens that are a little on the cute side, like maybe they have animal heads or some kind of fun pattern printed on them.

Mini Board Games

If you’re stuck when it comes to stocking stuffers, then check out the toy aisle at your local big box store. There are a few miniaturized versions of board games that you know like chess, checkers, and monopoly. These are basically the actual games themselves but they’re small enough to fit in a stocking.

There are certain things that a happy couple does when they’re celebrating a holiday together. One of those is observing traditions, like hanging Christmas stockings and putting little gifts in those stockings.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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