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How to Go On a Date During Couples Appreciation Month

What is Couples Appreciation Month?

Starting April 1st, couples celebrate their relationship by going on dates, giving each other gifts, and so on. It is referred to as “Second Valentine’s Day” by most people, allowing couples to catch up on the event of love if they missed out on February 14th.

couple on a date by the beach
Go on a date with your partner during Couples Appreciation Month.

As the name implies, it is purely for lovers. Unlike Valentine’s that could be applied to friends and families. It isn’t as commercialized as February 14th, so it’s the best time for you to celebrate love without worrying about fully-booked restaurants and overpriced flowers.

But if you aren’t sure how to celebrate this event with your lover, here’s how:

Plan the date.

You have to at least know where you’re going.

Planning the perfect date can be a challenge, whether it’s your first date, an anniversary, or one meant for Couples Appreciation Month. But there’s no need to go through a step-by-step plan. You just have to focus on what you and your partner enjoy doing.

Then you think of places to eat on top of the fun activity you do and then cap it off with a goodbye kiss. Or maybe a night at a hotel, depending on how long you two have been dating.

Unless you want to go with the flow, that is.

Nonetheless, if you plan on ending the night someplace warm, you should book in advance. Look up nice restaurants and research the price rates so you don’t get taken aback by how much you have to pay. Plan a budget, just in case you don’t want to come out of this broke.

Even if you’re the type to forgo planning, you should at least plan for that much.

Date Ideas

  1. Visit vineyards and try wine tasting - You can take a wine tasting tour together. Of course, you don’t have to be a connoisseur. Just try it out to experience new tastes. This is a good opportunity if you’ve never tried wine before. Obviously, this would only work if both of you do not have any problems with drinking alcohol.

  2. Go on a picnic - Instead of spending too much money at a restaurant, you can go on a picnic instead. Choose a park, a beach, or a quiet location. Putting in the effort to make the food makes it more intimate and special too.

  3. Travel somewhere and go on a short vacation - Think of a place you and your partner have always wanted to visit and go there on April 1st. Since Couple Appreciation Month starts on that day, you still have a bit of time to plan. Doesn’t matter if it’s domestic or international. The experience you’ll have on the trip is what matters.

  4. Get a spa treatment - Treat yourselves with a couple’s massage and relax while you’re at it. You can go to a spa together or have a massage therapist come to your home. Choose whatever is comfortable for you two.

  5. Try joining a cooking class - If you usually cook for each other, then doing it together will be a new experience. You can also take a cooking class. With the help of a professional as well as other couples, you will get to learn new cooking techniques and recipes.

Give her gifts.

woman holding flowers
Flowers are perfect romantic gifts for your partner.

Before you go on a date, make sure you bring a nice gift for her. It sets the tone for the day, after all.

Romantic Gift Ideas

  1. Chocolates - When you go on a date with someone during an event that is basically a second Valentine’s day, buying romantic gifts for your partner is a given. A box of chocolates will always make a girl smile, even if it’s such a common gift.

Chocolate-giving will never get old. Women not only crave them during Valentine’s Day and Couples Month but also all year round. It is not uncommon for them to buy chocolates themselves, so take that as your cue to buy them some.

If you wish, you can give her chocolates in baskets or specialty boxes that hold alcoholic chocolates. It’s up to you.

  1. Flowers - Flowers are considered fail-safe gifts for your lover. It is given when you are showing love, appreciation, or just because. It is also given when you are apologetic, making it an all-rounder gift for any occasion.

There is really no reason for you not to give her a bouquet of flowers unless that reason is her being allergic to them. But take note that not all flowers, while pretty, are meant to be given. Each has its own different meaning, so you need to be careful what you choose.

Suggestions: Red roses, Camellias, Carnations, Tulips, Baby’s Breath, and even Sunflowers. All of them stand for some iteration of love while Sunflowers stand for happiness, loyalty, and long-lasting love.

  1. Something she’s been wanting for a while - If you’ve been paying attention to your partner’s needs, then you should know what to give her. It could be a new phone, a makeup set, a skincare set, a mini-fridge, or something as simple and cheap as a bath towel.

This is the kind of gift that will really make her smile.

If you’re going to give her a mini-fridge, at least wait until the date finishes before giving it to her. You can’t have her carrying around something big and heavy while you two are gallivanting around. As happy as that gift will make her, it’s also rather inconvenient.

Celebrate being in love!

Love doesn’t always happen to everyone. People can go through an entire lifetime without meeting their soulmate, so consider yourself lucky if you have a partner to celebrate Couples Appreciation Month with.

The whole point of this pseudo-holiday is to celebrate your relationship and appreciate your partner. If a simple date is your way of celebrating it and you both end up having fun during it, that’s all that matters.

While not unwelcome, grand gestures are unneeded. Even a simple bouquet of flowers is enough to show your appreciation.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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